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Lost Art of the Mixtape: Gary Numan Edition

September 14, 2012

This is a compilation of Gary Numan songs that I put together circa 2004, recorded over the previous 25 years of his career. I found it in 2012 whilst going through a pile of CD-Rs in my basement storage room.

All tracks are remastered and cross-faded slightly to enhance the uninterrupted feel. Mostly, these are ‘deep cuts’ or personal favourites of mine, not the big standout belters for which Numan is famous.

I chose them all as examples of what he was going for in their respective recording period, and this led to some unconventional choices that you don’t normally see on the myriad other Numan compilations out there.

Hope you enjoy it; I’ve listed the tracklisting, source and approximate date of recording below.


  1. Torn (From the album ‘Pure’) 2000
  2. A Question of Faith (From the album ‘Sacrifice’) 1994
  3. Stormtrooper in Drag (From a single released in collaboration with Paul Gardiner) 1981
  4. I Dream of Wires (From the album ‘Telekon’) 1980
  5. We Are So Fragile (B-side of “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” single) 1979
  6. Jo the Waiter (From the album ‘Tubeway Army’) 1978
  7. Basic J (Tubeway Army outtake released in 1984 on the album ‘The Plan’) 1978
  8. Strange Charm (From the album ‘Strange Charm’) 1986
  9. Creatures (From the album ‘The Fury’) 1985
  10. The God Film (From the album ‘Berserker’) 1984
  11. The Iceman Comes (From the album ‘Warriors’) 1983
  12. Noise Noise (B-side of “Music for Chameleons” single) 1982
  13. Wonder Eye (Demo for “I Wonder” from ‘Machine & Soul’ sessions) 1992
  14. All I know (Alternative version of “Ancients” from the ‘Hybrid’ special edition, a.k.a. ‘Mutate’) 2003
  15. Hunger (Live) (From the album ‘The Skin Mechanic’) 1989
  16. On Broadway (Live) (From the album ‘Living Ornaments 79’, remixed 1998) 1979
  17. I’m a Poseur (Live) (From the Tubeway Army bootleg “Living Ornaments ’78”) 1978
  18. Dead Heaven (Extended Edit) (Edited for this compilation from the extended version of Exile) 1998
  19. Photograph (B-side of “This Wreckage” single) 1980
  20. The 1930s Rust (From the album ‘I, Assassin’) 1982

Download here (ZIP)

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  1. September 19, 2012 1:39 am

    Thanks for sharing. Found your mix via the current thread on Numan at the Steve Hoffman forum. A nice listen.

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