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frosh week 2004

November 2, 2010

So, in the spirit of digging up these little blasts from the past, I found this message-board entry I made, dated September 16th 2004 on Echoing the Sound (an online forum I’ve been actively participating in for over six years). It’s sort of a diary entry about my experiences as a first year student at Trinity College at University of Toronto.

Frosh week has FINALLY ended. I just participated in what is known as the Cakefight: each of the first-year men (and one female, bless her brave soul) are given a handful of Cake. This cake is made from a mixture of beer, cake mix, cigarette butts, paint, jello, and lots of other garbage I’m not even sure I want to know about (someone told me there was a used condom in there, and I think I believe it).

The freshmen line up, wearing as few clothes as possible. Their objective is to attempt to bust through the college gates, and deliver their payload onto the face of the sundial in the quad. The sophomores block their path and a giant free-for-all scrum ensues. Meanwhile, the upper years dump further toxic smelliness on them from above the gates. I saw what looked like months-old bags of milk, food scrapings from the cafeteria, and some very mouldy cottage cheese. I’ve been to a slaughterhouse, I’ve been to Chinatown fishmarkets on a hot day, and believe me: this was the most foul-smelling mixture I’ve ever encountered. I’m sure there was vomit and piss in there, too.

Finally, we broke through, after 24 of the most agonizing seconds of my life, and went for a celebratory bathe in the fountain. Globs of old cottage cheese are still floating in it. On the bright side, I am now officially a bruised, battered, hungover, exhausted and very very very very smelly Man of Trinity College.

There is video documentation of this event (starting at 35 seconds into the video below). You can see all of us Frosh running to the Queen’s Park fountain in celebration thirty seconds later. About four minutes in, you get a glimpse of me in all my super-long-haired glory (beatboxing the John Bonham drum part to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”). Ah, memories.

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